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Welcome to the CHIME Network

If you are an NHS organisation that is looking to recruit the services of an Interim Manager or Independent Management Consultant with extensive NHS experience then you are in the right place.

Similarly if you are an Independent Management Consultant or Interim Manager who concentrates on the Healthcare Market, and you wish to benefit from networking, then this is the site for you.

The CHIME network has been set up to promote networking and to raise the profile of independent consultants, interim managers and freelancers working within the NHS.

People ask "why the name CHIME" - well we were looking for a name that would attract the attention of the target audience -
Consultants in Healthcare and Interim Management Experts - you see what we did there?

So why the network?

We think there will be significant benefits for independent consultants, interim managers and freelancers who work in the NHS should they take advantage of what the network can offer - see below for some of our ideas.

Similarly there should be benefits for the NHS. If we can encourage NHS clients to contract direct then there could be financial savings. If consultants and interims, currently working through agencies, are willing to work direct there should be scope for sharing the agency margin between the client and the contractor.

This will require effort on the part of the network to convince NHS clients that we are an organisation to deal with and that potential candidates are up the standards required.

Consequently, whilst we have built up a network of like minded people who work in the NHS we need to be mindful of the need to succesfully network with the people who matter - NHS clients.

And how does the CHIME Network work?

Tthe Network is a two way thing, Consultants and Interims need to network together, but just as importantly , need to network within the NHS. The first stage is already underway. Networking events have started and we have built up a critical mass of registrations - 470 at the last count. A monthly email newsletter helps to keep the momentum going and there are plans to send out email flash bulletins as NHS clients request help in attracting people for their projects.

At the same time we are very mindful of the need to raise the profile of The CHIME network within the NHS. To this end we are actively promoting the network in various ways through social networking, advertising, mailshots, promotional goods and attendance at conferences.

As the Network takes off we have many ideas that may be of use to the people out there. For those Consultants and Interims who may feel rather lonely in the big, wide, wonderful world that is NHS Independent Consulting or NHS Interim Management, or NHS freelancing of whatever kind - help is at hand! We would love to hear from you if you are in this field and have ideas that would enable you to be more successful through networking.

Similarly if you are an NHS or other healthcare organisation in need of some independent expertise then feel free to contact us at

And if you are an Independent Consultant or Interim who concentrats in the healthcare market then register today - just consider the benefits of participation:-

Examples where the Network can help Independent Consultants and Interims:-

* Advice on rates
* Keeping up to date on policy guidance
* Training events - are here any trainers out there that would like to make us aware of what you can offer? Would you like to develop training with other independent trainers?
* On-line presentations: Maybe you can offer presentations that we can publish on the web site to increase your profile. Why not offer to sell your presentations (with added speaker notes) - or offer to speak to NHS managers
* Offering yourself up as a speaker at events
* Maximising your income through tax planning
* Independently contracting - IR35 coverage in your contracts, other requirements of contracting direct
* Meeting colleagues through network events
* Obtaining your next contract
* Partnering with others on projects
* Selling services through the web site
* Setting up web sites
* Advertising your web site (for free) through links to this web site
* Are you thinking of becoming independent in the NHS, but are wary of the pitfalls? All the answers to questions you never thought to ask.
* Would you like the web site to hold a database of registered members which could be searched by prospective recruiters
* Advising on CVs
* Obtaining referees
* Sharing membership surveys
* Sharing ideas...

The people involved in this venture have considerable experience in organising network events in areas in which they have previously worked. The above list represents some of the potential benefits that are open to people who are willing to get involved.

If you regard yourself as in business or just filling in for others on a part-time basis within the NHS then, as long as you regard your self as a professional NHS interim manager, or Independent NHS Consultant or NHS freelancer, then why not register for updates and come along to meetings - we will be really happy to see you there.

Kevin Pritchard